MediSignin - version 1.6

Remove stress from the front desk and automate the same 5 questions every patient should be asked each visit.  Safely and securely save digital signatures in a more orderly fashion than old paper sign in sheets. 

Is your address still 123 Main St?  Is your home phone still 404-555-1212?  Is your cell phone still 404-333-1212?  Is your primary insurance still Aetna?  Is your policy number still 1234567?

Get exact answers to questions based upon the patients data you have listed!  Pop up alerts on the front desk PC for any changes in demographics

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What They Say

"As an office manager, it is great to know that my patients information is being checked with each visit. Often the front desk forgets."

- Ruth, Atlanta

"With 50+ patient visits a day, it is hard to ask each patient if their information has changed, plus making sure they sign in. This makes our job so much easier!"

- Anna, Atlanta